Our Story

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The concept behind Triple Win Waco was born out of a collaboration between Rapoport Academy and Waco Pedal Tours (WPT). When WPT, a local tourism startup, began experiencing issues with a pedal bike it had purchased, co-owner Cory Dickman reached out to Clay Springer, STEM Coordinator at Rapoport Academy. After realizing that Springer could help troubleshoot the mechanics of the 14 passenger bicycle car, an idea to include Rapoport students on the project was set into motion. Rather than students having to choose between their after-school jobs and extracurricular activities like Robotics club, they could earn income as OSHA certified employees while also getting hands-on experience with fabrication techniques from certified instructors. In order to make this dream a reality, Springer formed a team with four of his high school robotics students and created the pilot program in 2017. Working together, the business owners and the Rapoport team were able to renovate the once nearly defunct pedal car.

After the successful experience formed between educators and entrepreneurs, Clay and Cory realized that the potential within the collaboration went far beyond a single pedal bike. What started out as troubleshooting a single project for a local business could be transformed into a Triple Win- a win for students and their families, education more broadly, and local businesses. 

“Triple Win is a noun and a verb; it’s a concept. But more than that, it is students, education, and business sticking their hand in the middle of the team huddle and saying, together we can achieve more.” -Clay Springer