Esports Waiver

This form is for the parents of campers in any of our Esports camps. Each Esports camper only needs this form filled out once per year.

Camper's Name(Required)
Camper's Date of Birth
Parent/Guardian's Name(Required)
Parent/Guardian Email(Required)
Esports Waiver(Required)
I am the parent or legal guardian of the camper identified above, who is under 18, but AT LEAST 10 years of age. I hereby consent to his/her participation in video game play at the Triple Win campus, 1211 Webster Ave. Waco, Texas 76706. I am aware that the Triple Win campus may have PC and console video games with ratings of “E”, “T” or “M” as specified by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board. I authorize my child to play the following ratings. Triple Win Waco will limit the games available to play based on the parental limits selected below.